The story of a mother

Once in a village, there was an elderly mother, living alone with her only child
Her husband had long since died of illness
The mother often feels sad about her only child.

His son had a very bad temperament is like stealing, gambling, complaining of chicken and much more
Mother was often cry poor lamented his fate, but he often prayed to God: "God help me I cared for my consciousness, so that sin no more
I'm old and want to see him repent before I die "
But the longer the child is getting late with his evil deeds, he was very often left in jail for crimes they have committed
One day he returned to steal the villagers' homes, but poor he was caught
Then he was brought before the king for trial and sentenced pancung
announcement was announced to the whole village, the punishment will be done the next day
in front of villagers and just as the bell tolling six o'clock
News punishment was up to the ear of the mother mourning her son cried and loved ones knelt to pray to God "Lord forgive your servant, let the old servant who bore the sin is his"
He hobbled struggling with the king came and pleaded with her son freed
But the decision was made, must undergo the punishment anakknya
With a broken heart, the mother returned home he was constantly praying for his forgiveness, and finally he fell asleep from exhaustion, and in his dream he met with Lord
The next day, the appointed place, the people of these penalties berbondong2 manyaksikan The executioner was ready with a child pancungnya and was resigned to his fate
Pictured in her mother's face was old, and he wept unnoticed regretted seconds of waiting finally arrived

Until the appointed time arrived, the bell has not tolled five minutes had passed and things started to quiet, at last the officer in charge of ringing the bell to come

He admitted surprise, since earlier he had pulled the bell cord but no sound dentangnya
When they all were confused, tiba2 of the bell cord blood is the blood flow comes from the place where the bell was tied

With heart berdebar2 all the people looking forward to a few people go up to investigate the source of blood

Do you know what happened?

Apparently in the bell found the body of the old lady with her head covered in blood destroyed
he held the pendulum in the bell causing the bell does not ring,
and instead, which bumped his head on the wall clock

All the people who witnessed the incident down and shed tears
While the child wailed wailed hugging her mother's body which was derived
He had always regretted the distress it turned out the night before her mother struggled to climb up and tie him in an iron bell in the bell Embrace to avoid his punishment pancung

So very clearly the love of a mother for her child No matter how bad the child, she still loves with all her life.

Let us love our parents each while we were still able to
because they are the source of God's love for us in this world

Something to serve as reflection for us ..

That we always love something valuable that ida k t can be assessed with any

There is a story living in us that speaks of our place in the world

It is a story that invites us to love what we love and simply be Ourselves

Take time to think, it is a source of strength
Take time to play, it is the secret of eternal youth
Take time to pray, it is a source of tranquility
Take time to learn, it is a source of wisdom
Take time to love and be loved, it is a privilege which God
Take time for friends, it is the way to happiness
Take time to laugh, it is thrilling music
Take the time to give, it makes life seem mean
Take time to work, it is the value of success

Use your best time, because time will not be able to play again

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