Story of Inspiration: Learning From An Mung Bean

Inspiring story this time will bring us to learn from a single green bean. Let's look:)

In this land there lived a variety of species peanut butter. Among the beans, is a single green bean insecure. He felt he was not worthy. No nothing compared to the other nut species. What is the meaning of a grain of green beans, he thought.

Green beans one day see the beans go through it. He also felt inferior and muttered to himself, "the long beans are so cool. Despite its name nuts, but her long, cool. Far cry when compared to my small and ugly. What was the point of me "
The next day passed with green beans peanuts. He did not dare to face the smiling peanut him. "Well .. peanut who was smiling with ya ... But that certainly could not smile with me. What I am. He's popular. In various types of food he's always there. Not to mention he often appeared in television commercials. Where appropriate I hung out with him "

On another day, seeing all the green beans with soybeans. When he was about to say hello soybeans, green beans had fled ahead. "Well .. well .. where I hung out with decent soybeans. He's a celebrity. Special protein which is processed into various foods. Various books also discuss her health. Not to mention the snacks and milk ads starring soy. While I'm the furthest just to cart green bean porridge "

Day after day passed. Green beans have been met peas, red beans, cashews, hazelnuts until nuts. Every time that he also could not believe myself down as they passed. Simply green beans repeatedly complained about how worthless he was.

Once the green beans came across an odd nut. Whether what species, but it seems so old. Looking at the gloomy green beans, peas that were asked him.

"Hey green beans, why are you so glum? Is there a problem? "
"Er ... No ... No anything .."
"Really? If there is a problem just tell me. Who knew I could help "
"Uh ... Actually I was not confident. So not worthy of me. Small, ugly, unpopular. Compared to other nuts. They all have their privileges. "
"Why did you say you are not valuable? Try to listen to the following story "

An old wise nuts began to tell a story of inspiration on green beans. "A long time ago, people across the country suffer from severe hunger. All the plants attacked by pests and diseases. Finally, they can still survive by eating nuts. Did you know what's nuts? Green beans ... it was yours. Green beans that can survive easily in the midst of such conditions have saved the people there ". The story was the inspiration gradually raise the confidence of green beans.

"Did you know that you are actually very valuable. Keunggulanmu is that you can live with easily, do not need much care. Then your body also contains vitamin B which is very valuable. And actually you can also be processed into various foods "
"Yeah .. and you know one of the most important thing?"
"What's that, Grandpa?"
"Bowl of green bean porridge has given smiles to millions of families on this earth."

Stories of inspiration and advice given wise nuts has raised confidence in him. Green beans have found a solution does not believe him. Since then he had more respect for him and maximize his potential. Even the green beans have accepted the offer of a drink box ads. :)

What lessons can be learned from the inspiring story above? That we often compare ourselves with others. Often we are too high looking at other people and underestimate ourselves. As the saying goes, grass always looks greener. And finally it makes us less confident.

Is anyone else so much? Is it true that we are so bad? Probably not. The problem is only in our perspective. We just need to replace glasses / our perception. Instead of comparing with others, maybe we'd better focus on the advantages of us. Let's learn to be grateful for all our potential and honed to a maximum. Hopefully this inspiring story fragment can benefit us all:)

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