Sky Tower ... A Learning

Once upon a time, exactly a hundred years ago, in the middle of nowhere there is a small island. The island is located in the middle of the world, surrounded by a vast ocean of isolating the island from the outside world. On the island, stood a kingdom. Today the entire population of the kingdom were gathered crowded city center. Congested. There was cheering here and there. There was a special moment seems.
Apparently today is the day of inauguration of "Sky Tower". The tower was built 80 years ago since it was finally finished. A very high tower, towering up into the clouds. The top has 6 sides. It is said, from the top of this tower we can see the view of the whole world.

After passing a series of competitions, there are 6 lucky people chosen to be the first people to climb the tower. They also climbed the tower with a kind of ancient elevator. They can not wait to see the real world.

Until the above, each person stands on each side of the tower, see the world from the different with the giant binoculars that have been available, and began to wonder of the sight of each.

The first person to see a white expanse of space. Snow apparently. Another second person. He saw a vast desert. The third man was amazed to see the dense forest with various odd trees that were not in place. The fourth saw a vast meadow with a herd of horses that are running. The fifth was disappointed because that was in front of him was a vast ocean, the sights familiar to the people of this island. People marveled at the view sixth tall mountains standing firm in front of him.

Pleased to see, six people gathered in the middle, can not wait to vent his enthusiasm.

"Uh .. You know, it's a white world. Then there are a lot of white hairy giant creatures. It's amazing. "
"Ha? You either see the times .. It's obvious that the world is brown. Closed sand. Then strange creatures are not white but brown. It looked like a horse, but there are two strange bulge in his back. "
"You're talking about. Clearly the world was green. A very dense forest. There are various types of phon-odd trees in there. "
"Gratuitous. It's obvious that the world is a vast meadow. There are a lot of horses running. Then the inhabitants living in tents. "
"It's you. Stop bragging. I know you're disappointed, but do not need to fabricate a story. Apparently the island is the only continent in the world. The rest is only the sea. Kalo's not just the sea to get up the tower of all, every day can also be seen. "
"Sea Eyes problematic ass .. tuh!"
"Do any talk. Still boasting "
"What's wrong with you. Obviously the white world. I saw with my own eyes "

Five people were also involved in a shouting match. Unlike the sixth man. He did not bandwagon argument, even feel curious. Finally he decided to surround all sides of the tower. He smiled a little. Funny smile on his colleagues ignorance, and smiling happily because today he has acquired a valuable life lesson. An experience in the sky tower has increased wisdom. :)

The first five people who represent the people insular, narrow-minded, but not often felt she was very smart. Advance ego, put aside the logic. They heard the information unilaterally, then easily judge a person or a problem with that piece of information. The danger, people like this would easily be influenced to later pawn for the sake of others.

The sixth man represents the wise. They are smart, have good logic skills. They are not in a hurry to make a justification of a problem, also not in a hurry to believe the information is heard, but first see things from different points of view. They collect data once a complete and accurate, just make a conclusion. Unfortunately this kind of people are quite rare, there are only a handful in the world.

Maybe we should learn from the type of person who is sixth. :)

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