Young Millionaire Success Story

The words following motivation I got from a book called Reallionaire which tells about a boy named Farrah Gray, 14 years old became the youngest millionaire in America. Ordinary schoolboy, background instead of a rich kid, but became a big business at the age of 14 years.

"I was never poor, just do not have the money. Poverty is a frame of mind. While no money is only temporary conditions "
story starts from unintentional events Farrah Gray when spilled lotion. From these episodic events, he had an idea to sell homemade lotion to its neighbors. The idea is simple, starting with small things, selling 3 bottles and eventually sold, though the benefits are not virtually by accident, because the average neighbor gave more money because Farrah Gray did not have change. From this experiment lotion, creating greater self-confidence, was too confident, he made business cards with company name, but there blum perusahaanya own. Well .. maybe that's what I tough he was the main capital: The belief that great .. Lord of this belief, she invited a few friends and his brother to fulfill his dream today ... and have its processes ...

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