As my ambition is not Reached

Have you ever experienced times where what your dreams are not achieved?

I have and I'm sure most people also have. It is this life full of uncertainty. We should have a plan, but not always life goes according to our wishes. There are things beyond our control. But that does not mean we should stop trying. That's not my intention. Effort was required.

Some time ago I had set a personal goal. Goal is high enough for my size (the details do not need to be explained: P). Planning has been made, various strategies have been designed, even plus visualization and many other businesses. But all will be the maximum, there were obstacles.

We're down, I purposely did not see the ads show Mr. Mario Teguh. Although only a short ad, but his words have been motivating and inspiring me. It goes roughly like this:

"Sometimes we have goals high, but because of some difficulties in the way, makes us shrink our ideals. What if we still maintain the ideals of these high, while we continue to improve the quality of ourselves that we deserve for these ideals "

Jreng! My motivation was on his feet again. And now I am ready to pursue my personal goals again. However, backed up by a new mindset. Relax (relax, enjoy, not determined until the tendon off: p), and continue to develop myself. Continue to learn and continue my action until the desire is achieved, while still remembers that there are things beyond my control .. that can not be imposed.

Core of this article was not on vent, but the emphasis on the words of Mr. Mario Teguh above. Kalo we see a lot of people want to be rich, but he had not reflect the quality of the rich. Lazy, undisciplined, unwilling to attempt. In short they do not deserve to be rich.

Whatever our dreams, do not bury our dreams just because of one of two obstacles. It usually fails. Rising from the incredible failure. Let's strive to reach our dreams, while continuing to improve the quality of self! :)

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