The story of Super Maize Farmers And

Village Tuna is the largest corn-producing regions. In this village livelihood largely from farming, mainly growing corn. Parjo and Parjan is living next door. Like other villagers, they also are corn farmers.

Parjo and Parjan just got back from the market. They just bought a super corn seeds. Seed corn is the seed corn seed research results of agricultural majors. Large and its contents Tongkolnya much, so the promise of the seller. Parjo and can not wait Parjan imagine him harvesting corn tongkolnya super large and many such contents.
That afternoon the sun was shining. Parjan was spreading fertilizer on fields. He worked diligently for sure hard work will be a successful solution to it. Parjo another. Parjo was dozing on the porch. "Today is very hot, so lazy to work. Tomorrow, tomorrow it is. ", So thought Parjo. He also spent the day with a nap, dreaming of corn bertongkol super big and it very much. Until he fell asleep, delirious and murmuring super corn.

A month passed. The day was overcast. The cool wind as if to persuade people to sleep. Parjo was yawning wide, dreaming super corn. As usual, Parjo lounging on the terrace house. "Fool the Parjan. Unfortunately the weather was as good as wasted. Work can always tomorrow-tomorrow. Kalo is now enaknya sleep. Corn super delicious ... uh ... pleasure of the world. Hoooaaahmm .. "even Parjo asleep after a few yawns. And once again dreaming of a super corn.

Day after day passed. It's time to harvest. Parjan smiled proudly. Hard work paid off already. Expanse of corn super "large and contents bertongkol much" ahead of him. What a beautiful sight that pamper the eye of the beholder. Parjan hard work has been the successful solution to it.

But in the midst of joy, Parjan disturbed by the sound of people screaming. Apparently he was cursed Parjo-ngumpat in disgust.

Parjo: "Liar!! Liar!! What seeds! What corn super! "
Parjan: "Jo. What's screaming anyway? "
Parjo: "This nih. He said corn super, large and contents tongkolnya lot. Where is it? "
Parjo pointed fields. Parjo fields in the middle of a fairly extensive visible only a few stems of corn, small and almost withered. The remaining weeds.
Parjo: "Liat own right. Cheat! Corn super opo ..!! Liar!! Liar!! "
Parjan: "Patience first, Jo. Original seed koq. See my proof of corn to flourish. Large and its contents Tongkolnya lot. Suitable as promised "
Parjo: "lha? Mine grow koq gak? Oo, this is a fair God nda. Lord nda fair!! Lord nda fair!! "

Parjan just smiling and shaking his head at her friend's behavior.

Well, if you've caught a conclusion from the above story? Planting corn, corn permanent. Planting sweet potatoes, yams permanent. And especially in the story, super corn planting, corn permanent super. :)

Parjan hard work has become her successful sousi super corn yield is so beautiful. Similarly, harvesting Parjo that is proportional to the way he treated seed. Work at random of course will not yield the maximum, and will not find a solution to his success.

Many people want to succeed. But just wanted to. The desire to succeed is not in accordance with the daily prilakunya. Do they have done to realize the real action that success? Do they have struggled to maximum? Not plant the seeds of success, how could enjoy the sweet fruit of success.

Some other people, when desire is not met, they will start screaming blame on others. One seller seed kah? Was God wrong? Or one of her own? Has he looked into her? And most importantly, whether the blame on others will make him find a successful solution?

Now, let us plant the seeds that allow us to achieve results / goals that we want. Be assured smallest things we do now, to some extent be an impact on our lives to come.

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